Tours and Traveling at Madeira Island Portugal

The Madeira Island Tours and Funchal fun tours include a stop on one of Funchal’s most picturesque views. Miradouro das Neves is a point of view along the eastern side of Funchal’s beach. This is one of the most excellent viewpoints to see the end of the year’s fireworks in Funchal. The next emphasize is a must for anyone visiting Madeira. This is in Garajau where you find the statue of Cristo Rei similar to the one you find in Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon. Back in Funchal a fun tour is only complete with a drive through the old city with its narrow.


Traveling to Madeira Portugal is a unique experience for any traveler. For all garden lovers, you will really get pleasure from a walk through this beautifully maintained garden that has implausible views over the port and Marina. Our drive will then continue along the marina all the way into the elderly town. Our final stop will be at the Municipal gardens which is located in the center of the city. Two of the best spots for coffee, with big esplanades can be found right in front of the park.


This Funchal fun tour is a combination of the old with the novel. We start by visiting Pico dos Barcelos and majestic views over Funchal before we drive over to Andorinha Football playing spot. Here you will get to see where Cristiano Ronaldo started enjoying football. From here we will make our way to Santo Antonio to visit the self-effacing village of where he grew up at the back of the famous church. All in all Madeira and Funchal is outstanding place to visit to make your holidays up to the mark.


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